Tools used to remove Existing Concrete

Tools used to remove Existing ConcreteThere many occasions that you may want to remove an already existing concrete. May it be for a full refurbishment or you want to repair a defect part. Understanding the methods used to remove the concrete is an important part to ensure that minimal or no damage is done to the surfaces which are surrounding. The following can be used to effectively remove the existing concrete;


Chemicals are available which can be applied prior to working with concrete to make it soft to work with. The chemicals can be applied on the etched areas or holes to ensure it dissolves to the concrete. Protective gear should be worn as some chemicals are highly toxic and corrosive.


The sledgehammer is used to break the concrete. The shovel may later be used to pick up the pieces of the concrete and dispose it off.  The use of a sledgehammer is suitable for thin paving slabs

Pick axe

The pick axe is used on concrete which has been laid thickly. The pick axe is used to create cracks on the concrete. It always advised to observe safety to avoid any injury which might be caused by the use of a pickaxe.

Jack hammer

This is used to remove a deck which is made of concrete only. Before working with the machine, you should consider its weight, size, and the vibrations caused by the machine. Because a jack hammer can be an expensive equipment to buy, hiring one from the construction can be of great value and can save you money. Proper care and handling should be observed to ensure safety.


Drill holes dip down the concrete to weaken it and make it easier to break and remove. Use drill bits which are strong and long enough so that they penetrate the concrete as deep as possible. In addition, you should ensure that the bit used is suitable for use on the concrete.


If you want to remove large pieces of slabs, then the crowbar is the right tool for this job. Since concrete is not malleable, using a crowbar to lift it will cause it lift out of place.  The crowbar is ideal on places with gaps between them. DIY (Do it yourself) concrete removal guide will help you to let know about the various ways to safely remove existing concrete.