Is concrete or steel better as a building material?

Before the new and modern engineering came to manipulate steel and concrete. The architecture world had only adobe, wood, thatch, stone, and caves. It is a long way before we got to where we are. In today’s world, skies are filled with tall and austere buildings.  There are so many such that if tour guides were to take up the job of taking people around, they would occasionally, complain of neck pain. So, if we were to choose and rank the materials according to their superiority, which one would reign, steel or concrete? Both give numerous advantages. Whatever is being built or constructed becomes the determining factor. Also, there are other factors that one need to consider such as;



Concrete building material used on this structure under construction

Concrete doesn’t need fireproofing to achieve rigorous fire codes. The guys at CC Concrete further elaborated on this saying concrete can also perform well in manmade or natural catastrophes. Because of its inherent mass, strength, and heaviness, a building which is constructed using reinforced concrete, are said to resist strong winds of up to 200-250 miles per hr.

With the right engineering, design, and construction, the apparent rigid structures built using concrete can demonstrate ductility.


Steel is a firm material to use when building. However, experts warn that steel melt and soften upon exposure to high temperatures. This problem can be overcome by adding fire protection to steel such as spraying steel with a fireproof spray. The use of structural steel can be used to counteract this problem and offer additional support.

Combined with good engineering and design, steel is strong and ductile. This makes steel suitable in areas with strong winds and seismic zones because of its ability to bend without breakage.

Environmental considerations


Concrete is a material that is widely and locally available. It requires less energy to make. At its end of life, concrete can be crushed and recycled. Unlike steel, recycled concrete cannot be used to develop or construct new buildings and structures.


It is possible to recycle about 85% of steel. this is because magnets are used to separate steel from other materials. The recycled material also uses less energy as compared to virgin material.

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘Concrete Workability’ you are probably like most people and have no idea what that means. Read the article to get that question answered as well as additional important terms and information.